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Dec 1, 2013 11:30pm EST
. then the second quarter, they're up 7-0. griffin to paul. 19-yard touchdown. griffin 12 of 12 passing to start the game. redskins up, 14-0. to the fourth quarter now. 17-14. on first and goal the giants andre brown reaches out and scores the go ahead touchdown. giants up 21-17. now we have 1:30 to go. skins down seven. after a referee screw-up, it's fourth and one. he makes the catch but the ball is stripped and taken away by will hills. giants hold on to win it, 24-17. the redskins now 3-7. they are tied in the nfl for the second worst record in the league. they are 3 of 9 right now. and pretty much this redskins team will take the next month, the next four games to evaluate next season. that's what they'll do. stay right here, we'll have more coming up in "redskins final." >>> an investigation into under way tonight in kansas city after a man was found dead in the parking lot of arrowhead stadium during the chiefs/broncos game. two suspects are in custody. police say the vick tetim was tg to get into somebody's car when he was con fronted by the owner and a friend. the men struggled
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
. john sterner purchased gasoline before storming into st. paul's by the sea church last tuesday. he was killed and a reverend of the church also died from smoke inhalation. >>> breaking news out of arizona tonight. we're learning that three sky divers collided in midair tonight. this video just coming in to our newsroom. two were killed, a third person was injured. this happened in the town of eloy, 60 miles southeast of phoenix. police say the sky divers collided 200 to 300 feet off the ground. at that point, the chutes collapsed and the sky divers plummeted to earth. it's not clear what caused the collision. >>> turning now to politics and the d.c. mayor's race, one day after filing for re-election. mayor vincent gray is upset over questions he's getting. this appearance was meant to high lie d.c.'s egg economic development during his term in office. he says he's running on his record and refuses to answer questions into the federal probe that is still on going. tom sherwood was at that news conference and found out that gray didn't like the media crowd leaving the room, either. >
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
. >>> tonight we're learning new details about the crash that killed actor paul walker and his friend. nbc news has learned that driver rog roger rodas was not drag racing. he hit a curve going 45 miles per hour at a spot where the speed limit drops to 15 and lost control. a photo shows walker next to the porsche carrera minutes before the crash. some people wondered why the delicious was so devastating. experts say the porsche carrera is designed for speed with a different center of gravity than a typical sedan. that would make the car spin out more quickly and at a faster speed. >>> they were planning a wedding. but tonight a maryland man is dead, and his fiancee is preparing for his funeral tomorrow. the victim, a father of two, was killed during a hit and run crash on pinebrook avenue in landover last month. police try to bring the driver to justice. >> someone actually took him away from me. >> reporter: kiana brown wants to know who killed her best friend. her fiance, akeel ross. they have two children together. >> i cry every night, ever since i found out. his kids cry. his --
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3